Our new studio rental service is perfect if you’re a professional photographer looking for a convenient, up-scale studio to execute your commercial assignments and latest personal projects.

Studio set up

Our studio measures about 10m long and 5m wide. It has wooden floors, white walls, daylight windows and a nice, single height ceiling with enough room (about 3m) for overhead lighting.

Our studio comes equipped with and, which includes:


2 x Profoto D1 500W Monoblocs including Air Sync, 2 x Bowens Gemini RC 400W Pulsar kit


Profoto soft-boxes, 5′ Octa, Beauty Dish and grids as well as Manfrotto Boom and Master Stands, White/Silver Umbrellas, and a soft-box


We have a selection of seamless backgrounds you can choose from (black, crimson red, chroma blue, smoke grey, white etc.)

If you use backgrounds during your session, we just ask that you pay for what you use at the end of your session; this will be charged at N2,000 per 2m extra used after the initial setup. Or you can buy an entire roll of our background paper, in a vast range of colours. For prices on full paper backgrounds please call in at the studio.


Studio rental comes at the hourly rate of N25,000 – N35,000

Appropriate considerations will be made for bulk hire from 6 hours upwards – please contact studio management for details.

To keep things simple, N35,000 rental is inclusive of equipment hire. With your studio rental, you’ll get the use of the equipment mentioned above.

N25,000 rental is for one studio space alone.

You can rent the studios from 9am – 9pm, Mon – Sat.

How to book

To book, call or email us at ; you can contact us via our online form .

APPOINTMENT ONLY: To book any of the studios, call/ email us Mon – Fri , 10am – 4pm.

All bookings are subject to availability and it is essential that you book in advance of your planned shoot to secure either of the studio spaces.

terms-of-useTerms of use

What’s cool

Any photographer can rent the studio for practice, personal, commercial or portfolio work. If you have no experience with studio lighting we ask that you book at least two hours with an instructor to make sure you’re comfortable with the equipment and get the most out of your session (note – the instructor won’t take photos for you but will help you to set up and position the lights). If you book an unsupervised session and you don’t know how to use the studio equipment, we will ask you to reschedule an appointment with an instructor (you will still be charged for your initial rental).

Don’t be uncool

The time slot that you book, is time you take – please ensure that you include ample time for setting when making your booking – if you arrive before your allotted time you will be asked to wait and if you overrun it you will incur a charge of N17,000 per hour.

Make full use of our equipment, but please don’t abuse it – love our equipment as if it was your own!

Rather than charge hefty ‘insurance charges’ we entrust our equipment to you for use during the session, and ask if you break it, you pay to fix or replace it (a N20,000 refundable deposit will be taken at the beginning of your session).